At ER & Associates consulting projects are undertaken using a proven project management methodology. This approach focuses on ensuring that our client’s needs are well understood and fully addressed in the development of any proposal to undertake work. Utilising a cooperative and communicative approach to executing and reviewing project deliverables, we ensure that our clients partner in our service delivery outcomes, rather than just receiving the final product. Most importantly, each project undergoes a comprehensive review at completion to not only find out what was done well, but to identify what could be done better to improve all aspects of our service.



  • Salmat Pty Limited
  • Macquarie University
  • Ecowise Environmental
  • NSW Department of Commerce
  • Acumen Pty Limited
  • MWH Global
  • Infogent Pty Limited
  • Jaksan Consulting
  • NSW Department of Water and Energy
  • NSW Office of Water